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Top Secret Fat Loss Secret

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What is the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret?

There is a new weight loss fitness program online called Top Secret Fat Loss Secret. This online fitness program was only launched recently by a female doctor named Doctor Suzanne Gundakunst.

She claims that with the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, the exerciser or the dieter can surely lose the extra pounds and unwanted weight. It is a very intriguing program, and how it piques the curiosity of the people is probably one of the reasons why it is one of the most purchased fitness programs online.

The only possible down side of this program is the tongue-twisting title. Having the two same words in the title seems to confuse others a bit. But then again, for others, it is a good marketing strategy, as it makes the program seem more interesting and fun to do.

The two plans

Doctor Suzanne Gundakunst is offering two fitness plans with the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, namely, Hardcore Plan and Pro Elite. The latter one is the plan that is usually purchased by the people.

After quickly scanning the pages of the program’s guide, it can be determined that this online fitness program seems to be a good investment, especially with the amount of hype that surrounds this program.

About the book

The program’s guide is a long e-book or electronic book that has forty-eight pages. It is very brief and concise, hence, forty-eight pages only. The instructions and the information regarding the program itself are probably not difficult to explain. Many would probably have preferred a little more, since, of course, they want to know more about their purchase and the things that it can do.

In the first several pages, Doctor Gundakunst talks about the many tips about choosing the right online fitness program. Of course, most of the tips were directed toward her online fitness program, but she did have some very valid points.

The good side with her initial pep talk is that it gives the reader an idea about the entire weight loss, and not merely about the program’s “secret”. This is best for beginner since they have to know generally know about weight loss first before they are taken any further into the program.

Get to the secret already!

The guide then continues to its pages as it discusses further tips regarding weight loss, and quite quickly, at that. But, at this point, the readers just want to learn about the program’s secret, instead of reading on and on about Doctor Gundakunst’s tips. Although her tips are greatly helpful, her tips are not the reason people buy the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret.

The metabolic type plan

Unfortunately, this plan is not the program’s secret. However, many find this meal plan ultimately useful and helpful as it assists the exerciser or the dieter in knowing which food types is proper to eat with a particular body type. Also the instructions on correct methods of working out are also included.

The metabolic type plan helps them in adjusting the eating habits so that the program can be much more effective. But still, this plan does not work instantly, as the readers most likely expect.

Protecting against toxins

Normally, it is the body’s mechanism to collect fats and build them up around the body’s vital organs. This mechanism prevents the building up of toxins around the organs. In short, it is a protective body mechanism.

Signs and symptoms of having such “toxic” build up are flabs on the abdominal area, buttocks and thighs. Although many might just perceive these signs as the signs of becoming fat and not regard them as something serious, they are actually signs of having a dysfunctional liver.

Anyway, the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret comes with a detoxifying diet plan that is able to flush out the unwanted fats. It looks like this online fitness program is not only concerned with thinning the buyers or making them become fitter, but also, protecting their vital organs and keeping a healthy liver.

Cleansing the colon

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret review

Later on in the book, Doctor Gundakunst also talks about the parasites that can be found within a person’s colon. These awful parasites are usually the ones that stimulate the person’s intense craving for food types that contain high amounts of sugar. And it is because of this high sugar content that metabolic problems begin.

However, this does not mean to say that everyone who buys the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret has parasites inside their large intestinal system. The information about the parasites is just worth including inside the guide because fixing that parasitic problem can greatly help. Actually, the fact that the program even mentions the true existence of parasites and how they can hinder health and fitness is enough encouragement for people to want to live and stay clean.

What Doctor Gundakunst suggests for those who have colonic parasites are some supplements or natural remedies that can cleanser the colon or the liver. This is probably the part of this online fitness program that sets it apart from others.

Senseless competition

The Internet is filled with different weight loss products and ideas from different fitness packages. But it is rare that the creator of the program actually speaks in the book, making the program even more logical. Unlike other programs who are oftentimes left senseless.

About Doctor Suzanne Gundakunst

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret review

This female doctor has been implementing research regarding the human digestive system since the year 2002. She puts emphasis on the importance of having a clean colon and the most effective ways of naturally doing so. One way that she was very explicit about in the book is eating the right food types to avoid getting bloated.

She includes in the book how other companies, those who manufacture ultimately high “diet” supplements, other online fitness programs, and companies who claim provision of healthy food, are actually only making the exerciser or the dieter much sicker. They are merely interested in increasing their profits instead of actually helping people with their weight problem.

The secret

Doctor Suzanne Gundakunst’s entire online fitness program is THE secret. Her program, unlike other programs, discusses the natural ways of losing unwanted fats. And to do so and still keep a healthy body, the most effective method laid out by the doctor is having the colon and the liver cleansed.

This is the big secret since not all online fitness programs have this in their agenda. In fact, others probably do not know that such normal body mechanism can make people become fitter and healthier, and that is without the use of those useless supplements, which only end up supplementing their pockets and nothing more.


Choosing the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is, indeed, a fantastic choice. It is a package that includes everything. People learn that battling body parasites do not have to be expensive, but can actually be done with natural supplements and simple remedies.

Moreover, they also learn that simply cleansing the body can give them the results they want with regards to their fitness. Cleansing the body can make them fitter, but still keeping their health intact, unlike other online fitness programs that only make the exerciser or the dieter fit but attacks their health greatly.

The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is definitely the right way when it comes to losing weight the healthy way. Others would simply brag about their detoxifying abilities, but no other online fitness program can beat exactly how detoxifying the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret program is.


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