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Versace Man by Versace

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Capture the senses from the first smell. If there is such thing as love at first sight, then there is also love at first smell. Merely the name Versace is linked to prestige, sophistication, and passion for fashion in all senses. Donatella Versace is truly the designer of choice not only from shoe and clothing fashion but fragrances as well. Another unfathomable success with the new fragrance of Versace Men by Versace.

Fragrance of Versace Man

Versace Man was first introduced in year 2003, the twelfth fragrance by Versace for men and under the keen eye, rather “smell”, of Donatella Versace. This has the aroma of smooth oriental showing of amber and tobacco notes.

The first thing noticeably is the light citrus scent like a sweet harmony of cardamom, neroli, and bergamot, but within a quick second shifts its mood into wood, tobacco leaves, and amber – overcoming the previous scent. After which it would seem like oriental-like spices slowly and slightly take over. The base notes are actually the amber and tobacco leaves, and then middle notes include saffron and cardamom. Over all, the conquering fragrance is somewhat a woody appeal of floral oriental.

Floral Oriental: Perfect for Anytime of the Day

Not to worry, it’s the not the usual tobacco scent that you imagine taken from cigars. Versace makes it possible to draw out the real beauty of tobacco.

With the great scent of  woody and floral oriental, this makes a perfect wear for evening parties, romantic date or dinner, out of town events, or whatever evening occasion you’ll get into.  Not only for night wear, this is a great smell for day time use too.

Classy Yet Not Overpowering

Although this is said to exude a classy fragrance, this does not mean it‘s over powering just like the rest of the traditional perfumes. Take a first sniff to Versace Man and you will instantly notice that it is not strong and overpowering that tends to irritate anyone you get near to. However, it does have an obvious and distinct fragrance but just enough to get an appealing attention from everyone.

Longevity of Versace Man

Versace Man by Versace longevity can vary according to cologne level and user’s skin type. Versace Man has different level of colognes, such as eau de cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, and parfum classic or cologne, and they are leveled according to the concentration of oil extracts. The more fragrance oil extracts that is diluted in high grade alcohol or water, the better strength and longer lasting the scent can be.

Individuals who have oily skin can work well with colognes or perfumes because of the body’s natural oil and moisture that can hold the fragrance better. Better yet, try taking some free testers in the perfume stores to know which cologne level can work with you best.

Perfect for Modern Yuppies

With the modern structure and practical arrangement of offices nowadays, you wouldn’t need any powerful fragrances. Your colleagues are just almost beside you, and of course you wouldn’t want to drive them away. In fact, you want them to smell you more by getting near you.

In general, Versace Man is a fabulous yet masculine scent for daily use. Most guys who use this are young professionals as early as 18 until late twenties. It gives a classic yet modern appeal, very practical for everyday use for it stays longer on the skin, lingers from morning until the day is out.

This can have its drawbacks too. Though strongly masculine in fragrance, to some it can smell like sweet desserts like flavored cakes, fruit cakes or pies, cookies, etc.  Versace Man can be like sweet sauce poured on skin. For those who are not a fan of sweet colognes, this may not be the one for you.

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Amazon Versace Man by Versace Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 oz Men

Versace Man by the classic design house of Versace was introduced in 2003 as an elegant sophisticated scent for men. This manly scent possesses a

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A lover of luxury, stylish yet elegant. Versace Man presents a fragrance with an explosion of bergamot and black pepper, enveloped by sensual notes


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  • Fragrance was launched by the design house of Gianni Versace
  • Versace Man by Gianni Versace is a masculine scent
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