WaterFi Waterproof iPod Shuffle

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WaterFi Waterproof iPod Shuffle

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With WaterFi Waterproof iPod Shuffle, you don’t need those bulky cases as the interior contacts and circuits are all 100 percent waterproof up to 190 feet underwater. These iPod Shuffle comes 8 colors. It has Dual Layer Technology that protects the iPod Shuffle from rough conditions and will last longer than other earlier devices.  It is made from solid aluminum, user-friendly, lightweight and has clip for clothing or goggles. It is designed to be corrosion-proof, shockproof and waterproof. It has 15-hour battery life, a 2GB storage capacity that allows you to store up to 500 songs and has VoiceOver feature that speaks the current playlist, artist and song. This WaterFi iPod Shuffle is perfect for surfing, kiteboarding, swimming, paddle board and other water sports.

Waterproof Feature

WaterFi has been providing waterproof technology to 4th Generation iPod Shuffle ever since its initial release by Apple. Users will definitely love the flexibility and durability of the Waterproof Shuffle which also comes with the Swim Kit. This iPod Shuffle will remove the use of unreliable and bulky cases since the device is waterproof from exterior to interior. You can now bring along your music whenever you choose, be it in the pool, beach, snow, gym or under the rain.

WaterFi introduces the Dual Layer Technology designed to meet up the standards of reliability and durability that you deserve. This technology protects the iPod Shuffle from harsh conditions and has a longer life expectancy than other old devices.

Two-Layer TechnologyWaterFi Waterproof iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle underwent a two-step process which makes it waterproof, corrosion-proof and shockproof.  The initial step, the Shuffle is filled with rubber-like insulator that is waterproof and shockproof which produces a protective and thick coat around the electric components inside the iPod Shuffle. After the first step, the second layer is applied which makes it waterproof from the outside. This second layer which protects the Shuffle from chemicals and wet environments such as pools, hot tubs, baths and oceans.

The first thick layer will protect the electronic components up to more than 100 feet underwater On the other hand, the second one will fill up the remaining spaces in the Shuffle inferiors and shield up the electronics up to 40,000 volts to avoid short circuits when the device is wet.

Also the first player will serve as cushion for the electronic components in case of drop, intense vibrations or when accidentally put in a washing machine.

The Brand New Look and Design

The WaterFi Waterproof iPod Shuffle comes in different colors including green, slate, blue pink, red, silver, purple and yellow. Even with the WaterFi waterproof technology, this iPod Shuffle is compact and lightweight. It has a built-in clip that let you attach the player to your wet suit, shirt, waist bands and even to your goggles then you are ready to get wet.

User-Friendly Interface

This Waterproof iPod Shuffle is easy to control and the perfect on-the-go device. With just one click, you can change the current track, adjust the volume or even play or pause the track. The simple design makes it easy for the user to find the action button that he wants to click to focus more on what he is doing.

The VoiceOver feature of this device will help the user easily find the song that he wants to hear. When the VoiceOver is on, the iPod Shuffle will speak the names of the artist and the song. It will also let you control the playlists you created on iTunes application and even the current status of your battery.

WaterFi Shuffles are made by Apple which means you can use the iTunes to sync your songs, audiobooks, podcasts and even your playlists to your device. The Shuffle has 2GB flash memory which makes you store up to 500 songs.

What is in the Swim Kit?

WaterFi Swim Kit has a set of waterproof headphone which produces high quality of sound even you are in or out of the water. It comes with a unique sized earbuds that keep out the water while keeping the headphones in. This will keep the headphones stay in your ear even you are swimming or surfing. These headphones can go up to 10 feet underwater and meet with the IP7 waterproof standards. On the other hand the white Apple headphones included in the kit are not waterproof.

For users to secure the WaterFi Shuffle comfortably, the Swim Kit also has two Velcro straps that are both authentic. With the help of this strap you can easily adjust the player to fit perfectly in your swimming goggles. Also Mounting instructions are available in the Swim Kit.

What the Users Have to Say?

These are similar statements made by users for the product:

“Swimming my laps is so much more fun listening to music.”

 “Connects well to goggle strap and I don’t notice while swimming.”

 “Sound quality is great and the waterproof ear buds that it comes with are also just fine.”

Users love this WaterFi Shuffle whenever they go for a swim or go for other water sports. Whenever they workout, it fits them perfectly and sounds great. It makes their workout session more enjoyable and exciting. The only problem is the waterproof headphones have not reached perfection so during vigorous movements, the headphones can accidentally fall off, letting the water in the ears.

WaterFi Waterproof iPod Shuffle is waterproof, shockproof and corrosion-proof which makes it very convenient for people who love water sports. You don’t have to depend on thick and weak waterproof cases to protect because Dual Layer technology will do the work. It completely protects your device from wet environments, shock, drop and even vibrations. You can sync all your iTunes playlists to this device and with 2GB flash memory you can store up to 500 songs. If you have an active lifestyle, then WaterFi Shuffle is the best choice for you, also it comes with waterproof headset.

Enjoy your music while underwater!

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